let slip the dogs of war,
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The Gentlemen Moran

To the Sebastian Moran’s of various players; (moran-sm, coltomyatkins, asksebthesniper, thecagedtiger)

You have been cordially invited to join me in an Alternate Universe. In this AU we have all met each other and have decided to have a poker night. The setting is indeterminate, but we are all in a smoky room, seated around a table, and the game has just begun. There’s a full bar, no cameras, very little lighting and nothing to do for a few hours but pretend that we aren’t employed by psychopaths.

In order to avoid confusion MF will be Moran, JL will be Bas, AS will be Seb, AL will be Sebbie and CP will be Sebastian. Others can be Colonel, Basher, Sebbie, etc. 

So take a seat, light up, and let the tournament begin.

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    Moran poured the drinks before sitting back down heavily, his eyebrows raised as he took an absent-minded drag on his...
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    Sebbie grinned, raising his brows as he looked at Sebastian. “Looks like it’s down to us.” He chuckled at the first...
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    Sebastian looked at Bas. “You’ll never know until you look.” He turned back to Sebbie. “May be a good idea mate. I’ll...
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    "I’ll have another vodka. Brand doesn’t matter…just make it a double." Seb returned his attention to his hand, tongue...
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    'Bas raised a few fingers. "Don’t suppose there’s Hendrick’s back there?"
  6. asksebthesniper said: ((*can’t stop..so happy..ready to die happy now.*))
  7. moran-sm said: ((This is the best fucking thing I have ever read. YES.))